Service Manual Level 1 and 2

Nokia Lumia 930


Version 1.0

Phone reset and IMEI code

Hardware reset

If the phone hardware is jammed, you should first recommend that the consumer performs a hardware reset. The hardware reset does not reset the Windows Live ID or remove any consumer data. Because the consumer cannot remove the battery to reset the phone the phone has a special electronic circuit which cuts the phone power when power key is pressed for 10-15 seconds.

To perform the hardware reset, press and hold the Power key for about 10-15 seconds until a short vibration is felt. The phone should restart by itself.

Software / operating system (OS) reset

The software / operating system (OS) reset returns the phone to its out-of-the-box state. Note that this procedure erases all consumer data! Always first try to perform a hardware reset.

Option 1: About menu

- Use this option if the consumer knows the lock code
- This option warns the consumer about data loss!
- Tap Settings > About > reset your phone

Option 2: Hardware key combination

- Use this option if the phone is locked and the consumer does not know the code
- Note: no warning about data loss!
- Do not advertise this feature to consumers!

Follow next steps to perform OS reset with phone keys.

Step 1

Make sure the phone is turned Off.

1. Press and hold the power key
2. Phone vibrates (release the power key)
3. Press and hold the volume down key
4. Exclamation mark is shown on the screen (release the volume down key)

Step 2

Input the following key combination:
1. Volume up
2. Volume down
3. Power
4. Volume down

Step 3

The phone will reset and boot up automatically

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