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Opening up an HTC Universal

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Using a Torx T6 remove these 4 screws.

Insert your thumb nail between the case halves to split them and work your way around the case freeing it up until removed

At this point you will need to remove some shielding tape from the center of the board, Then remove these 3 screws.

disconnect the cameralight (1) the left and right speakers (2 and 3) and the vibrating motor (4) and remove them.

Remove the 3 circled screws. Disconnect the screen connectors (center square) by pulling up and back on the black tabs. Disconnect the keyboard connector (top square.) Now simply pull the case plastic at the yellow rectangle forward and flip the main board up. Slide it toward the front to remove.

Remove the 3 screws circled holding the keyboard in place.

Lift and slide it toward the back to remove.

Remove the two hinge screws. You will need to pull up on the screen cables fairly firmly as they are stuck to the case. pinch the tapped area of the cable do NOT pull the connectors.

You need to flip the connectors back on themselves to get them thru the case.

Screen is free and ready to be installed.

If you want to get at the inside, remove all these screws

You will need to pull the casses apart by putting a thumb nail in here. be firm but careful. Work around the screen to release the catches.

Starting with the black one, undo these three screws to release the hinge.

The hinge is seperated. As you can see there are 2 washers and the two metal hinge plates. Thats it.

This is showing the side of the plate that is riveted. You need to squash this more to increase the tightness.
This shows where to apply the pressure to the riveted area. It would be adviseable to do the front, thats facing us, then the back, thats on the bed, as you see it here. BE CAREFUL of the wires. Theres plenty of room but just be careful you dont pinch them if you try this.

Credit : stot